Bulgarian Folklore
Journal of Folkloristics, Ethnology, Anthropology and Arts

Published by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Bulgarian Folklore

Vol. XLV, 2019, Issue 3


Editor: Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva

Executive editor: Stanoy Stanoev

Nikolay Nenov. Along the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route – in Search of Local Heritage


Vladimir Demirev. The Topos of “Monastirya” – Lost in the Past or Having a Chance in the Present (Based on Materials from the Region of Sliven)


Nikolay Sirakov. Thracian Heritage in the Regional History Museum – Sliven: about the Semantics and the Functions of the “Female Objects” in the King’s Funeral


Iskren Velikov. The Revolutionaries in the Museum: Biographic Representations from the Regions of Ruse and Sliven


Nikolay Nenov, Silvia Trifonova-Kostadinova. “The Objects Speak” – Shared Heritage and Public Co-participation


Christian Postagian. The Museum and Its Target Audiences: Relationship Marketin


Book Reviews

Veselka Toncheva. A Pertinent Study: “Cultural Heritage in Migration. Models of Consolidation and Institutionalization of the Bulgarian Communities Abroad” [In Bulgarian]. Editorial Board Vladimir Penchev, Nikolay Vukov, Lina Gergova, Yana Gergova. Sofia: Paradigma, 2017

Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva. Agro-cultural Transformations in Conditions of Europeanization and Globalization [In Bulgarian]. Editors Petar Petrov, Ivanka Petrova. Sofia: IK “Gutenberg”, 2018

Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva. Lyubomir Mikov. Bulgarian Folk Culture and Renaisance Art. Selected Studia [In Bulgarian]. Volume 3. Sofia: Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2018

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