Bulgarian Folklore
Journal of Folkloristics, Ethnology, Anthropology and Arts

Published by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Bulgarian Folklore

Vol. XLІIІ, 2017, Issue 3


Editor: Bozhidar Aleksiev

Oksana V. Tchoekha. Modern Greek and Bulgarian Narratives about Magicians Pulling the Moon Down from the Sky


Iglika Mishkova. The Masquerade in the Region of Drama


Yura Konstantinova, Dimitar Nitsov. The Balkan Wars – a Greek Point of View from the Beginning of the 20th Century


Daniel Fokas. On the History of the Greek Community in Sofia from the Middle of the 20th Century until the Present: The Initial Years


Tanya Matanova. Bulgarian Sunday School “Saint George the Zograf” in Thessaloniki – Institution, Consolidating Centre, Mediator of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage



Natalia Rashkova, Irena Bokova. Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva’s Sixtieth Anniversary: With a Strong Scholarly Curiosity and Dedication to the Study of Cultures

Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva. A Prominent Researcher of the Epic Tradition and a Charismatic University Professor (On the Occasion of the Sixtieth Anniversary of Prof. Plamen Bochkov)


Ana Luleva. Nacho Dimitrov. Work Mobility of the Karakachans in Bulgaria [In Bulgarian]. Sofia: Gutenberg, 2015

Bozhidar Aleksiev. An American Poet about the Cuisine in Greece. Christopher Bakken. Honey, Olives, Octopus. Translation: Petya Petkova [In Bulgarian]. Sofia: Prozorets, 2014

Sergey Rozhkov. Tanya Matanova. “With Two Homelands, Two Languages, Two Cultures....”: Descendants of Interethnic Marriages – Identity and Ethnocultural Characteristics [In Bulgarian]. Sofia: Paradigma, 2016


Albena Georgieva. First Meeting of Experts in the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage from China and Southeast Europe, Krakow, 11–14 October 2016

In memoriam

Mila Santova. Jean Cuisenier (1927–2017)

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