Bulgarian Folklore
Journal of Folkloristics, Ethnology, Anthropology and Arts

Published by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Bulgarian Folklore

Vol. ХХХІХ, 2013, Issue 3


Editor: Anna Shtarbanova

Executive editor: Natalia Rashkova

Anna Shtarbanova. From the Editor

The Regional – Tradition and Modernity

Georgi Kumanov. Historical-Demographic Changes in the Northwestern Rhodopes – Immigrants and Emigrants in the Period ХVІІ–ХХ Century


Natalia Rashkova. The Regional Field Study of the Musical Folklore: Methodology and Research Results


Evgenia Grancharova. The Festival of Velingrad “Horo at the Spring” and Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage: Attainments, Problems and Perspectives


Polyphonic Singing

Dimitrina Kaufman. „Macedonian Presence or Rhodopean Hospitality (On the Question of the Origin of Polyphony in the Region of Velingrad)


Rositsa Kaufman. The Three Types of Polyphony in the Rhodopes


Instrumental Music Tradition

Veselka Toncheva. Folk Instruments and Instrumental Performance in the Region of Velingrad


Rumiana Margaritova. Saz, Bulgariya, Tambura: About the Differentiation of the Traditional Necked Bowl Lutes on Bulgarian Territory


From the Students’ Scientific Work

Stefan Yordanov. The Accordion as an Accompanying Instrument of Male Folklore Singing Groups from the Southwestern Bulgaria and the Northwestern Rhodopes (From the Observations on the Festival of Male Vocal Folklore Groups “From Antiquity to Eternity” – the Town of Razlog)


Diana Danova-Damyanova. Problems with the Preservation of Archival Fieldwork Materials with Musical Folklore on Paper Carriers (A Few Intriguing Notes from the Field of Nikolay Kaufman in the Region of Velingrad)

Maria Kumichin. Problems with the Preservation of Folklore Musical Material on Audio Carriers and Its Digital Processing


Emilia Boyadzhieva-Peeva. The Seventh Annual Regional Meeting of Experts on the Topic “The Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Southeastern Europe”

Anelia Toteva. Culture and Identity: Modernity and Traditions. Student Science Conference on Ethnology and Anthropology at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”


Bogdan Dichev. Vladimir Penčev. Po serpentinách sebepoznání a poznání toho druhého. Češi a Slováci v Bulharsku, Bulhaři v České republice. Praha: Fakulta humanitních studií Univerzity Karlovy, 2012

Mira Markova. Hristov, Petko (еd.). Migration and Identity. Historical, Cultural and Linguistic Dimensions of Mobility in the Balkans. Sofia: Paradigma, 2012

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