Bulgarian Folklore
Journal of Folkloristics, Ethnology, Anthropology and Arts

Published by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Bulgarian Folklore

Vol. ХХХVІIІ, 2012, Issue 3-4


Editor: Lyubomir Mikov

Evgenia Troeva. “Traditional” and “new” Islam in Bulgaria


Lyubomir Mikov. The Influence of Akhi Institution on the Formation and Functioning of Guilds (Esnaf) in the Bulgarian Lands


Maya Tsenova. “A Child is Two Thirds of His Mother’s Bother” (On the Mother’s Brother /Sister’s Child Relationship as Reflected in the Arab Proverbs)


Bozhidar Aleksiev. The Legends Related to Yedi Kızlar Türbesi in Manisa (The Republic of Turkey)


Lyubomir Mikov, Anka Stoilova. Decorative Arabographic Compositions in Bulgaria. (Sacred Pictures-Inscriptions)


Anka Stoilova. Spells Associated with Arabic Manuscripts


Tatiana Anikeeva. The Illustrations in the Lithography of the Turkish Folk Novels


Research work by students

Denitza Ilieva. The Mosque and Türbesi of Shahabeddin Pasha in Plovdiv


Nadezhda Yanakieva. The 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Evlia Chelebi (1611): The Itineraries of Evlia Chelebi and the Ottoman Monuments on Bulgarian Territories (Evidences on Mosques and Mesdzhidi)



Stela Nenova. Round Table on the Topic: “Holly Places in Sofia and the Region of Sofia: Narrative Traditions and Pilgrim Practices”


Mihail Gruev. New and Analytic Research on Religions, Memories and Identities in the Middle Rhodopes. Evgenia Troeva. Religion, Memory, Identity: the Bulgarian Muslims [In Bulgarian]. Sofia, AP “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 2011

Lyubomir Mikov. Juriy A. Averianov. Hadji Bektash Veli and the Sufi Brotherhood Bektashiyya [In Russian]. Bibliotheca Islamica Series. Moscow, Mardzhani Publishers, 2011 Moscow, Mardzhani Publishers. Bibliotheca Islamica series, 2010

Veselin Tepavicharov. Mira Markova. The Local Urban Cultures (Ethnological Research of the Sofia Residential Quarter Reduta and the Town of Strelcha in the XX – the Early XXI c.) [In Bulgarian]. Rousse, Publishing Center at the University of Rousse „Angel Kanchev”, 2011

Daniela Konstantinova. Zuzana Profantová a Kolektív. Hodnota Zmeny – Zmena Hodnoty. Demarkačný Rok 1989 [Zuzana Profantová and Collective. The Value of Change – the Change of Value. The Demarcating Year 1989].Bratislava, Vydavateľstvo Zing Print, 2009. 408 s.

Contents of the Bulgarian Folklore Journal, Year XXXVIІI, 2012

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